See the Ways We Differ From Other Real Estate Agents

  • Specialization.  Representing people buying from homebuilders is our expertise. It’s what we do, and we do it well.
  • Experience.  We want you to know what we know when you walk into a model home.  Having worked for more than 20 years at home building companies we know what goes on behind the scenes.  We want to leverage that expertise to your advantage.
  • Executive-level Research.  You are about to take on one of the biggest financial obligations you will ever make.  Springboard’s unsurpassed research identifies and compares more than 40 features of each plan and neighborhood to give you the peace of mind that you have thoroughly vetted your decision.
  • Cost Savings.  We share up to 20% of our real estate commission (which could mean thousands) to help you with closing costs. That means writing a smaller check at the closing table. It literally PAYS to use Springboard.
  • Help in Picking Out Options and Upgrades.  Knowing the right options and upgrades to choose will boost the value and appeal of your new home.  To do that Springboard will employ an experienced, professional interior designer to consult with you to get the most out of your options budget.
  • Professional Third-party Inspection.  A trained and experienced set of eyes is always good during that hectic time of walk-throughs and taking delivery of your new home. Springboard will employ a professional, third-party home inspector to make sure that your home has been finished to industry standards.
  • Post-Closing Reminders. Life gets busy and anniversary dates are important for your warranty. We’ll remind you of the things you should be checking for as warranty dates approach.
  • Access to Vetted Partners. Buying a new home means landscaping, furniture, window coverings, appliances and pest control. We have researched the best of the best who give Springboard clients special discounts. Don’t worry – we don’t take a kickback, finder’s fee or commission from any of our trade partners – we just want to make your new-build experience the best.

Our Story

I love home building; that’s why I made it my profession for over 20 years.  Nothing in the business beat the excitement and energy of new home owners getting their keys for the first time. It’s infectious. As a builder I always admired the buyer.  It seemed everything was stacked against them. They navigate through dozens of builders and communities sifting through as many floor plans. They are lured by model homes outfitted with $60,000 worth of upgrades and $30,000 of carefully curated furnishings.  They leave neighborhood after neighborhood with armfuls of colorful brochures chock full of pictures of gorgeous elevations which describe “distinctive interior features”, “gourmet kitchens” and “luxurious baths”. Finally, after qualifying, they go through a contract and building process which the builder has done tens of thousands of times while they have been through it… well, most likely, never.  I formed Springboard New Home Advisors to provide buyers the guidance and professional expertise through an exciting, yet nervous time. I want you to know what I know as you tour that model home.


-Mark Allen

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