Pitfall: a hidden or not easily recognized danger or difficulty

Stuff. George Carlin made the topic famous: “That’s all your house is; a pile of stuff with a cover on it.”

Netflix is cashing in on the topic with “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo.  We are all guilty of taking a trip to Costco or Target intending to only purchase laundry detergent but leaving with a socket set, air compressor, makeup mirror, and a year supply of vitamins and supplements.

New homeowners agree that you can never have too many areas for your stuff, and it’s one of the things that home builders constantly skimp on.

Start with the garage. If you are planning on parking two cars, you’re going to need space for sports equipment, bicycles, scooters, tools, sports, and holiday decorations. Tandem garages are becoming the norm in three-car plans (you know: that space allocated for the “third-car” but could only accommodate a golf cart) and can come in handy for your stuff.

Does the plan you’re looking at have a pantry? This is another area where some builders skimp – they’re offering 2,600 square feet but the place to store your food is equivalent to your first apartment. Most people upgrading to a newly-built home don’t want to put their groceries in cabinets or the equivalent of a bedroom closet with bi-fold, sliding doors. Don’t be wooed by the clever décor and take a critical look at where you’re going to be storing space-hogging appliances like that Instapot, free-standing mixer, or electric griddle.

Is there space for holiday dinnerware that is only going to get used one time per year? Does that huge kitchen island provide storage underneath?

Don’t forget the bulky cleaning stuff that you never see featured in the model home, and is usually relegated to the side of the washing machine like mops, buckets, and brooms. Where are you going to store the vacuum cleaner? Does the plan you’re considering provide a neat, clean space to store and easily access the stuff you use every day? Take a critical look at the laundry room and the features that come “standard.”  Cabinets, closets, and a laundry room sink are things you will appreciate the most but are almost always “upgrades” for which you’ll spend thousands to have included.

Don’t forget about seasonal stuff you’ll need a place for: pool toys, suitcases, outdoor furniture cushions, plant food, extension cords, bicycle pumps, hoses, strollers – you know – stuff.

You’re making a huge investment and chances are that you have a lot of stuff to put in your new home. Stuff happens. If you are a first-time buyer, downsizing or upgrading you need to think about your stuff because chances are the builder did not.

At Springboard, we’re constantly searching and evaluating plans – in all price ranges – that fit a variety of lifestyles.  We’ll research and compile floor plans that are available in your price range and location, and identify the not-so-obvious features or flaws – like where to put your stuff – that eliminate the, “I wish someone had pointed this out when we were buying” moments.

Another in the Springboard New Home Advisors’ “I Wish Someone Had Pointed This Out When We Were Buying” Series.

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